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Virtual Candle
Taken too soon. It should have been me x
Name: Diane
Date: 08 Aug 22 06:28pm
Virtual Candle
A year has passed since you passed over, we know your now with dad and out of pain, our hearts miss you so much but you left us with so many happy memories that see us through each day without you, fly high mum you were one in a million, from your loving family, Robert, Avril and Mary and your 7 grandkids 💜💜💜
Name: Joanstark
Date: 01 Aug 22 10:37am
Virtual Candle
:candle: :redc: :smallc: :crystalc:
Healing, forgiveness and please send love yearend for a lifetime
Name: Sun
Date: 17 Jun 22 07:40pm
Virtual Candle
Hope you are smiling whereever you are and I miss you
Name: E Macanulty
Date: 17 Jun 22 07:39pm
Virtual Candle
Miss you so much, no one to tell me how smart I am and I miss your strong energy
Name: J Dinnen
Date: 17 Jun 22 07:38pm
Virtual Candle
Miss you so much, i have no one to talk to or who understand me anymore
Name: Nirmal Ss
Date: 17 Jun 22 07:37pm
Virtual Candle
Hope you are happy
Name: Nasib Kaur
Date: 17 Jun 22 07:37pm
Virtual Candle
Sleep tight my precious furbaby. Run free over the bridge and play with the other furbabies until we meet again.
Love and miss you so much. My heart is aching.
Name: Louie
Date: 16 Jun 22 03:54pm
Virtual Candle
We all love u and miss you
Name: Dorothy Spence
Date: 08 Jun 22 12:34am
Virtual Candle
To my Chloe, happy heavenly anniversary, miss seeing you xx
Name: Gran
Date: 28 May 22 07:56pm
Virtual Candle
:candle: This Candle is for Lisa-Marie and James
Name: Dad
Date: 28 May 22 03:18pm
Virtual Candle
Name: Sean
Date: 17 May 22 09:24pm
Virtual Candle
Rip margaret
Name: Margaret Ross
Date: 16 May 22 05:10pm
Virtual Candle
Wish we had seen each other again xx
Name: Jane
Date: 03 May 22 10:55am
Virtual Candle
Please keep my mum safe and let her operation be soon. Please let the cancer be removed to stop her suffering and also my Dad's as he is so worried it is making him ill.
Thank you
Name: Tracy Scambler
Date: 01 May 22 12:31pm
Virtual Candle
I will love you forever and always Mum. Until we are together again I will keep looking for signs ❤
Name: Margaret
Date: 04 Apr 22 05:34pm
Virtual Candle
For my granny who is with me always xx
Name: Louise
Date: 04 Apr 22 03:11pm
Virtual Candle
:redc: To remember my nan. Always in my heart
Name: Florence
Date: 29 Mar 22 04:50pm
Virtual Candle
Name: Jean
Date: 12 Feb 22 09:44pm
Virtual Candle

Name: aling for my daughter Bobbie who is only 18years old and had a miscarriage yesterday, also healing for her boyfriend Kieran. They are both gutted.
Thanx so much on advance xxx"
Date: 01 Jan 70 02:00am

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